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Below is a list of the seminars we run and an outline of the contents of each seminar. Currently we run two seminars aimed at beginners. Level 1 will teach the basics of the art, Level 2 will consolidate and expand on these skills and introduce a few new elements. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

Introduction to Ninjutsu level 1

The purpose of this seminar is to introduce the basics of the art to complete beginners. It is an intensive one day class lasting about 8 hours (though there will be regular breaks and an hour for lunch)

During this seminar you will become familiar with the following areas of Ninjutsu:

Basic Ninjutsu body-conditioning and fitness

You will be taught the basic exercises we use to develop strength, stamina and flexibility. You will also be shown ways of using these exercises to further increase your level of fitness beyond this seminar. You do not need to be strong, fexible etc. to attempt these exercises as they are designed to improve the level of fitness for even those who do not take any regular form of exercise.

Basic postures and movements

Ninjutsu combat is based around five elements; Earth, Water, Fire, Wind & Void. In this seminar you will concentrate on the postures and movements that correspond to the first two elements. The other three will be covered at a follow up Seminar.

Striking and grappling techniques

Ninjutsu unarmed combat is a complete fighting system, i.e. it makes use of both striking and grappling techniques. During this seminar you will learn some classical and modern striking techniques, such as punches, elbows, kicks & knees. You will also learn a number of grappling techniques such as locks, holds, pins and throws. You will also learn how to apply these techniques to everyday attack scenarios, including defending against an attacker armed with a knife.

Basic weaponry

Ninjutsu does not just rely upon unarmed fighting, and there is a large arsenal of weapons that can be learnt, from stick and chains to blades and projectiles. During this seminar you will learn how to use a Hanbo Jutsu (3ft Stick). The follow up seminar will look at the Bo Jutsu (5-6ft stick).

Philosophy and combat strategy

In order to survive in a harsh world, the Ninja developed a very distinctive philosophical system and combat strategy that differed greatly to that of the traditional Samurai code. Throughout the day you will develop an understanding of these two very important areas and how they can be applied to defence and to everyday life.

It is possible on an intensive course such as this that many students reach a good enough standard to pass the first Ninjutsu grade. Should you achieve this level you will be informed. Exceptional students may even reach the second grade. For more details on the grading system please follow this link: TRAINING.

Introduction to Ninjutsu Level 2

The contents of this seminar are currently under review. Please return at a later date or contact us if you have any questions. Thank you.


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