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New to Ninjutsu

This section will tell you about Ninjutsu and the way in which it is taught in our Dojo. This is just a brief overview and is not intended to cover everything. Feel free to contact us or visit our Dojo if you wish to know more. On the left of this page are some links that will further explain our art.

Firstly, Ninjutsu is a very old art dating back over 1,000 years. Its beginnings and early history are very complicated and shrouded in mystery, but it is known that this art was born out of the necessity to survive at a time when one’s life was under constant threat. Japan was in an almost constant state of warfare and at any moment a person could find themselves great danger. The art was developed by a group of people living in the Iga and Koga regions of ancient Japan. These people came to be known as the Ninja.

The art’s history and development have contributed to its unique nature. The circumstances in which it arose were very particular to that time and place. Japan at this time was a violent place. There was threat from constant war, and from the starvation and disease which often accompany warfare. There were also outlaws and bandits who took the opportunity to attack and rob an already troubled people. Add to this situation, refugees from China, bringing with them different customs, and Japanese mysticism and superstition. Place in this setting a group of people with an understanding of the world around them and the determination to survive and you have many of the early elements that contributed to the development of Ninjutsu.


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