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A Little History...

Our dojo was founded in September 1993 and has continued to train people in the art of Ninjutsu since that time. Though the training has taken place in many different venues around Waltham Forest, our current central place of training is St Andrew's Church, Leytonstone.

The aim of the dojo is not to just preserve an ancient fighting system, with all its traditions and ceremony. It is to take this system, which has proven effective over the past 1000 years, and apply to a modern day, western setting.

As a martial art, Ninjutsu is highly adaptive. It changes with the times and circumstances so the practitioners can meet the challenges of the world and survive. Feudal Japan of the 18th and 19th centuries is very different to the United Kingdom in the 21st century. There are things the Ninja had to face that we no longer have to, such as a fully armoured Samurai warrior charging at you on a horse. Likewise the Ninja did not have to deal with the kind of street crime and violence we are faced with today. It is therefore essential that the art, if it is to survive and be of use to its practitioners, adapts once more to the changing of the world. It is to this that our dojo is dedicated.

To practice an art in exactly the same way as people did many hundreds of years before, without any regard to the present could be potential suicide. A modern equivalent would be if an army was trained using 19th century muskets and then sent out to do battle against an army using modern day assault rifles. The result of this confrontation would be fairly clear and rather one sided.

This does not mean that there is little in common between the art we practice and the art of long ago. Using our example again, the modern rifle, though far more effective than the 19th century musket, would not exist were it not for its predecessors. It is based on the same principles, but they have been greatly improved over time to reflect the ever changing nature of warfare. This is how it is with Ninjutsu, the principles remain the same, but the application changes with the times.

For those who are interested in tradition, there is much to learn. The movements, postures and techniques are the same and are still taught in a traditional manner. However, this forms the foundation of our art, rather than the focus, and serves only as an introduction into the system. As training progresses a student will see how the ancient system evolves into the modern and this change can be seen very early on in the training.

To learn more about the way in which we train at this dojo, or if you wish to contact us directly, please follow the links to the left.


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